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Chlorhexidin Lacer Gel (2 X 50ml) Gentle Mint Flavour

Chlorhexidin Lacer Gel (2 X 50ml) Gentle Mint Flavour

Two (2) box of  Lacer Chlorhexidine Dental Gel


LACER Chlorhexidine is a fast-acting broad-spectrum antiseptic with a pleasant taste that is effective against the micro-organisms found in bacterial plaque. Its effects are long-lasting to prevent bacteria from recolonizing the oral cavity. LACER Chlorhexidine becomes firmly attached to different surfaces in the mouth to create a sustained-release system.

LACER Chlorhexidine acts at different levels. It eliminates the existing plaque structure, inhibits the adhesion of salivary proteins and the formation of new plaque, and destroys the micro-organisms responsible for the formation of dental plaque.

It is indicated to help in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease, and is also effective as a maintenance therapy in periodontal and pre-implant treatment, pre- and post-operative periodontal surgery, implantology, caries prevention in irradiated patients (rampant caries), orthodontia and gerodontology.  


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