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Five packs of GC MI PAST PLUS 40gr each

Five packs of GC MI PAST PLUS 40gr each


 Five GC MI Paste Plus  by GC  5*40 gr.

Product Features

Consultants used MI Paste Plus for a variety of clinical indications during this evaluation. The paste is creamy and easy to apply in-office or by patients at-home. Hygienists applied MI Paste Plus to root surfaces before scaling and received excellent feedback from patients regarding reduction in sensitivity. It also worked very well for reducing hypersensitivity for some patients who used it at-home. Patients appreciated having a variety of flavors from which to choose - all flavors are mild and creamy and were well tolerated. Sixty-seven percent of consultants reported that MI Paste Plus was better than their current topical desensitizing paste and 30% reported it was equivalent. Eighty-five percent would switch to it and 97% would recommend it.



Available in Mint,Melon,Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, Vanila

Clinical Tips

  • Avoid use in patients with allergies to milk (casein) protein or benzoate preservatives.

  • Dental Hygienists
  • GC