Price: $33.9

OMNISAN PLUS Disinfection Tablets by Panadent

OMNISAN PLUS Disinfection Tablets by Panadent

This listing is for one pack of Omnisan Plus

OMNISAN PLUS cleans and sanitizes aspirator, spittoon and sink assemblies. No heavy liquids to lug around, or to splash when pouring from the larger containers. Simply pop the effervescent  tablet into water (warm water dissolves faster) and use. Refreshingly convienient and probably the most cost effective disinfecting agent available, working out at approximately 20 pence a litre.

Contains Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate and Anti-Corrosive Agents and non-foaming agent. HTM01-05 Compliant.

Available in Tub of 60 Effervescent Tablets



  • Disinfection